Africa is known all over the world as a cradle of creativity, heritage and vibrancy. For long, the continent been regarded as a source of inspiration for the world in the fields of art, fashion and design.


African Fashion international (AFI) was established as part of an unequivocal determination to propel and restore refined African fashion brands on the global stage. With our understanding of quality and craftsmanship, a point of view that is unique coupled with Africa’s heritage and history, we are unequivocally the pioneers in luxury African fashion.


As an organization, we are powered by our belief in the potential of African Fashion and are committed to promoting refined African fashion designers aesthetic, creativity and talents.


We are firmly rooted on the principles and values of:


(I am because you are)


Relentless pursuit of

excellence and;


Upholding these values is integral to our ethos and we continuously strive to enhance Africa’s position as the next frontier in luxury. Our business model and current portfolio include growing ventures in commercial fashion as well as lifestyle platforms and properties such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa. We welcome you to African Fashion International and look forward to hearing from you.