What does it take to become the next Fastrack™ Young Designer of Year 2016?


The pressures of being a designer are enough to test one’s character and commitment to building the ultimate designer brand. Designers today are faced with industrial and manufacturing challenges, unexpected costs, and several hurdles to overcome to get their product to market. Not to mention the fierce competition among a growing number of contemporaries, each vying for market share in this burgeoning industry.

Despite these overwhelming issues, the return on such a laborious investment can be rewarding. The thought of owning your own brand, influencing your aesthetic towards a wider market, having a footprint in the physical and digital realm and possibly creating something enduring is thrilling.

These aspirations are neither unrealistic nor overambitious, but one does need to embrace the obstacles that they bring. AFI’s Fastrackers are well aware of what they need to bring to the table, and are willing to apply their tenacity through every stage of their journey to success.

The Insider will follow the final four Fastrackers as they develop their unique collections for Spring/Summer Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg in August.



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