With Fashion Week upon us, there is the excitement of showing off your style skills, mingling with A-listers and of course, the fashion… all the glorious fashion. From interesting street styles to runway couture, Fashion Week can sometimes also be overwhelming, so here is a Fashion Week “how-to”.

DO: Get your tickets early. Buying your tickets early secures your seat and allows you to enjoy the shows without having to stand or hustle your way in.
DON’T: It’s a big no-no to take front row seats. Those are usually allocated and reserved for magazine editors and celebrities. Even if it is announced to seat filler. The editors and celebrities usually show up minutes before the show starts.


DO: Have fun with fashion. If you have a quirky style or a particular taste for fashion, just go with it. Remember fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it.
DON’T: Try not to bombard celebrities for selfies or a quick chat. They are there for the shows and you will only make them late for the shows.


DO: Be polite to everyone. Mingle and network in-between shows, especially if you want to get into the industry.
DON’T: Act as if you’re the star of Fashion Week. Know your boundaries and try not to rub people the wrong way. Keep your distance but be memorable.


DO: Appreciate the fashion. Pay attention to the show and make notes of what you like and don’t like. This will give you pointers for conversation starters when mingling or networking.
DON”T: Steal goodie bags. That is just rude and simply greedy. Take your bag and appreciate the freebies and try not to be on your phone the entire time. You’re there for the amazing designs and the overall Fashion Week delight.

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