Music & Cuisine Meet at Kaya FM

Nothing welcomes the weekend better than a cold beer, a delicious steak and good music on a lazy afternoon. Last week Friday, the Insider was invited to soak up in Kaya’s live and unplugged sessions at their studios, and the Insider was only happy to oblige.

Upon arriving at the Kaya studios, one could already hear the luring voice of Musa treating audiences to songs from his new album – Mr. Serious. Once inside, a beautiful display of Castle Milk Stout (Kaya FM’s Unplugged sponsor) is soon spotted. On the other end of the hip studio past a glass pane, is Kaya’s kitchen where a familiar face is meticulously tending to his entree – J’Something. The artist/widely-proclaimed chef was assigned to the challenging task of pairing food with music. As if that was not enough, there was a twist; Castle Milk Stout’s chocolate-infused beer had to be complemented by J’Something’s dish.

As challenging as this may be for most, J’Something is something of an epicurean, drawing on his love of good food and good music for inspiration.

A chef in his own right, J'Something
J’Something wants you at the next Unplugged event
Audiences savour the sounds of Musa and his band.
Audiences are entertained by the sounds of Musa and his band.
Bringing good food and good music together
Bringing good food and good music together
Preparing for a ravenous audience
Preparing for a ravenous audience
Well worth the wait
Well worth the wait
A nice cold beer, compliments of Castle Milk Stout


Try your hand at any of J’Something’s recipes here.

To find out more about Kaya FM’s Unplugged sessions, follow Kaya FM on @kayafm95dot9, J’Something on @jsomethingmusic, and Castle Milk Stout on #cmsunplugged.

All images by Aart Verrips.


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