Mille Collines


Mille Colline’s Brand Vision 

Mille Collines seamlessly blends the creativity, strength and culture of the African spirit with ever evolving global fashion trends.

Clothing DNA  

Core Values
Fostering connection in all that we do, we strive to connect people, culture and creativity.

Africa’s Essence 
Our core mission is to channel the creativity, culture and strength of Africa into timeless, internationally revered fashion.

Story Telling 
Each product we create tells a story. From inspiration to fruition, every finished piece of art shares threads of a beautiful African story.

Innovate or Die
Creativity, uniqueness and innovation drive every decision we make. Innovation is at the core of our ethos.

Collection Inspiration for MBFWJ 2016  

“Curio-city” collection takes inspiration from the African curio shops and its disconnection with today’s Africa to try to interpret the objects that you find there and connect them with what Africa is today (Cosmopolitan). Taking the most evidently “African” source and coming out with a fresh, contemporary and new interpretation of it. Along the way we intend to evoke a feeling of nostalgia for our Mille Collines woman, reminding her of elements that she grew up with and incorporating them again in the lifestyle she has today.

From all of the collections presented by MC before, this one is the one that most speaks to the professional dynamic woman Mille Collines dresses. The collection has been designed with HER in mind at all times and it features a mix of the two main lines you can find in stores: Luxe and Essentials. It Is the first on that features a strong suit selection. Its the first collection that has been designed between Cape Town and East Africa since the brand opened a delegation in CT early last year.

Collaboration with local brands are present in the line as well as work with woman handcraft groups in both Kenya (masai beaders and weavers) and Khayelitsha (weavers).  All in all, we feel this is the strongest collection MC has done and the one that digs back into the origins of the brand with a much more experiences edge/view.

This collection is going back to the origin of the brand where MC had a strong connection with a professional woman and its value for artisan details. The collection also focuses on several occasion of use, adding work suits as a strong segment of it. Starting with our signature relaxed resort looks for the MC woman’s leisure and holiday occasions, transitioning into a modern and unique suit proposal and ending with a sophisticated appliqué beaded cocktail offer.


Award young social entrepreneurs by Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) Awarded with a special mention.

February 2011
Youth Action net fellows
Selected as one of the 20 fellows in a pool of 600 applicants from around the world.

April 2011 Finalist in the social award nockin.

June 2011 Second award for the 2011 SMME Africa Awards
Category: Young entrepreneurs South Africa