Jenevieve Lyons

DESIGNER NAME: Jenevieve Lyons BACKGROUND: South Africa

 “God knew what he was doing when he created you.” 

Colombus Mara Zilwa

Jenevieve Lyons is on a mission to share parables through her pieces; and as a young South African designer, she sees fashion as a voice to portray her brand mission of realising cultural, social, political and environmental issues, within a fashion context; in order to educate and build renewed perspectives on the African fashion industry.

She has been artistic for as long as she can remember, and has realised over time that she gleans interest in objects, people, fauna and flora that surpasses most, and has discovered fashion as an outlet to build these visions into tangible forms.

With a host of impressive accolades under her belt as a young South African designer, Jenevieve anticipates that African Fashion will have a greater global relevance in the next 10 years, and is inspired by the opportunity to represent African identities internationally. She has represented South Africa in her three short years on the international fashion front showcasing at Helsinki Fashion Week in Finland, and when she’s not designing, Jenevieve engulfs herself in fauna and flora, or loses herself in a pieced novel.

Jenevieve believes that fashion is a silent voice of expression and a vehicle for inspiring young people, such as herself, and living in a country such as South Africa, that faces its own challenges, has shaped her as a person and as a designer.

With her greatest challenge being support from fellow fashion councils, good quality textiles and strong reputable production firms, Jenevieve has learnt that resilience is a must-have accessory in the business of fashion, and believes it is through understanding her relevancy in the industry, as well as the responsibility it carries, that has motivated her determination to keep on thriving.