Gavin Rajah


Brand Vision

A superb ambassador for the African continent. A label that is proudly manufactured in Cape Town and is committed to social transformation and ethical sourcing.

Clothing DNA

Couture tradition with exceptional attention to craftsmanship and finish. Ultra feminine and luxurious.

Collection Inspiration for MBFWCT

In times of despair and despondency people seek beauty and support from one another. I remember this quote, ‘The sole purpose to live is to love and be loved’, and it was from a movie, released in 1959, called, ‘A Summer Place’. The world needs to connect with people and heal rifts. The overarching theme of love and escapism is prevalent in this collection. Flowers, hearts, butterflies and stars all play a huge symbolic part in this collection. This collection is about uplifting women and making them feel good about themselves and the world around them. There is a sense of eclecticism in the collection. The collection runs from being structured to fluid, with shapes that exaggerate silhouettes right down to shapes that hug the body. It’s sexy and bold, and there is a surreal, dreamlike quality to pieces.

This season we are revisiting all our prints created over the last decade with graphic designers, Room 13. We have picked elements from it and recreated bold prints that feature symbols of love. There are strong hidden messages in embroideries and the prints that all speak of the importance of love in our lives. This creative collaboration has spanned over a decade and this collection celebrates some of the amazing work that has come out of it. We have worked with exceptionally fine fabrics that are generally relegated to couture. Fine French laces, silk velvets, brocades, silk chiffons, Italian leathers and billowy silk organza abound in the collection. A nod to luxe street and sports wear is indicated by the use of technologically advanced fabrics in certain pieces. Our couture pieces as usual flex refined craftsmanship and handwork.

This season we have dresses in the collection that have taken over 400 hours to bead, all of these pieces being true labours of love.

Hopes for MBFWCT

We hope that AFI continues to expand fashion in South Africa and places the designers foremost in their vision, always. We wish them well in celebrating their first decade on fashion.