Cleo Droomer

DESIGNER NAME: Cleo Droomer BACKGROUND: South Africa

Brand Vision

The epitome of understated cool, quietly confident and effortlessly chic.Droomer is rooted in the tenet that fashion is a state of mind, and that the wearer, too can become the creator. At the helm, designer Cleo Droomer creates collections around modern individuals with a discerning eye for considered design, meticulously cut silhouettes and effortless sophistication. Droomer debuts its’ Fall 2017 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017.

Clothing DNA

The foundation of our collections are built on refined styling and expertly crafted pieces from fine cloth. Tailoring elements constitute a large portion of our collections, with an emphasis on soft tailored lines being a key part of the DROOMER look. Many pieces within the collection are made to be gender fluid as our hope is that we cater to, and are more inclusive of a wider audience, rather than a select few. Ethically manufactured goods are one of our key fundamentals within our business, and all our products are currently manufactured in-house by a small team of dedicated workers.

Collection Inspiration for MBFWJ

As a designer I find a certain duty in giving personally of myself to my work, and this in turn has led to my latest collection, and debut for my brand ‘DROOMER’ being a harmonious collaboration of ideas and experience that have led me to this very point today. I wanted my debut collection’s amalgamation of aesthetics gathered from places of employment in my time away from the runway. I’ve incorporated elements of high end bespoke tailoring fused with workwear inspired pieces.

I loved exploring the idea of commercial fashion worn with evening wear, and witnessing the beautiful juxtaposition it creates. The process, I found, came quite easily as I’m sure my mind had archived all the things I loved along the way and popped them all out when the time came to start this collection.

Many pieces were also inspired by bespoke dresses I made for clients after work, while working a corporate job. I found the idea of deconstructing and reworking these dresses quite inspiring and the end result, rather beautiful.I love creating for winter, because the endless possibilities around layering and the new shapes that can be created, excite me. Tonal dressing was inspired by vintage references, and speak to sheer sophistication, but are styled in a contemporary way to be relevant in a modern day context.

Awards/ Accolades

I completed my diploma at the Cape Town College of Fashion Design in 2009. Whilst studying, I managed to acquire a few accolades, namely; Winner of the Foschini Annual DesignAwards (2008) and second runner up thefollowing year (in the same competition-2009), national finalist for the Durban July young Designer awards (2009), and winner of the top graduate in the Western Cape at Arise Cape Town Fashion week (2009).