Irmgard Mkhabela

DESIGNER NAME: Irmgard Mkhabela BACKGROUND: Pretoria, South Africa

Irmgard Mkhabela is a lecturer in the Department of Fashion Design at the Tshwane University of Technology. This year he offers Specialised Clothing Technology to both Btech and Third Year students and still majors in Design Studies and Pattern Construction. In the past, Irmgard was a finalist in various national design competitions such as the Smirnoff Fashion Awards, Anglo Gold MNET Africa Awards, as well as exhibiting at the Global Village events, Bridal Africa, Vukani Fashion Awards, and SA Fashion Week.


Brand Vision

Irmgard Mkhabela as a brand aims to offer a distinction through design and pays homage to the artistry of construction by upholding tradition and the proposition of an experimental approach in working. It is concerned with the formulation of design practises and methods to achieve different expressions with cloth, both as a way of artistic development and expression.

Clothing DNA

The collection continues in the ethos of the brand, which is making art wearable. Design is explored and experimental, relishing on the occasional ‘happy accident’ during the design process and the ‘make it up as we go along’ approach to form and detail. Irmgard’s contribution to the design discourse will be informed by the unconventionality of his design practise and aesthetics.



‘Family jewels’ is a look at the value of treasured jewels. It explores spatial expression between body and clothes in a fun and rather, tongue-in-cheek manner.

Irmgard hopes to make a comeback to the South African Fashion scene in a small way.


Irmgard Mkhabela, 269 Venter Street, Capital Park, Pretoria Central 0001


Irmgard Mkhabela