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#MBFWCT17 Designer Alert Jenny Le Roux

“We are inspired by longevity, and our clothes are designed to stay in your closet


Jenny Le Roux


As a past Fashion Editor of Fairlady magazine, Jenny Le Roux, creator of Habits, feels that fashion is all about the feeling; and should ignite an innate sense of feeling terrific. Her own distinctive style makes her feel fabulous, and she is all about beautiful basics and modern monochrome. She has a simple personal style, but makes her ensembles eclectic, with accessories and vintage jewellery to make a statement. She believes that the design is in the detail.

Jenny’s earliest memories are of her mother at Baker Street Station – a tall, slender and elegant woman, always dressed impeccably, and this, she believes, must have been the beginning of her lifelong love affair with fashion.

“Fashion always comes around again”, she says, albeit with a few tweaks. She knows that women will always be interested with what they’re wearing, and with fashion as a cornerstone of the global economy, the industry can only grow bigger and better. She does, however, see people buying quality over quantity in the years to come.

Having just returned from London, showcasing her Travel Range of basics; Jenny has drawn an interesting parallel with her current Habits Line, of showing women how to wear travel basics and be ready for their close up, which is an art.

Her greatest style icon is French model, fashion designer and perfumer, Inès de La Fressange, as she adores her style and what she is doing. Inès was named in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1998. Locally, she is an ardent fan of Clive Rundle, his vision and what he is creating.

Jenny believes that the greatest compliments always come from other Designers in the industry. She remembers showcasing her very first Collection, and how terrifying it was to present herself and her Brand on the platform; but to have colleagues acknowledge and celebrate you, knowing the mammoth process involved, is a great honour.

Jenny’s greatest challenge working in the fashion space has also been her greatest reward. As challenging as it has been running a factory, and starting the first online fashion house, what excites her the most, about fashion in South Africa, is being able to produce locally. She has kept her factory running and contributes to job creation, without outsourcing to China. At the end of the day, everything that comes out of her factory is hers, and that in itself, is a great reward.

When she isn’t designing or showcasing, Jenny is a series junkie and avid reader hidden away at her home in the country, where she can reflect and regroup.

Jenny believes that Fashion Week makes you do things you wouldn’t do usually, pushing boundaries and getting you out of your comfort zone.

The Habits Collection showcasing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 comprises of a Travel Range showcasing dark colours with hints of silver, and Jenny felt strongly about the inclusion of velvet. Her Collection features bright colours, which she has never done before, and her entire line is complicated, just like life.

“It’s complicated,” is the perfect answer to it all, despite the challenges that life may present; but Jenny’s secret to success is still having lots of fun whilst you’re living it. We look forward to celebrating a life that is complicated, fun and leaves you feeling terrific with Habits at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 taking place from the 23rd-25th March.

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