AFI PRIV Online, the ultimate online store for the finest of African fashion will launch on 5 March 2015, coinciding with the first sartorial showcase of the season, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg.

Providing the international fashion community with expertly curated, exclusive garments and accessories from top African designers, AFI PRIV will source items from across the continent, including David Tlale, Ituen Basi, Taibo Bacar and Kooroo, amongst many others, providing a global reach for the sought-after African aesthetic.

Internationally, there is a great demand for authentic, refined African craft and the vision for AFI PRIV is to meet this demand and take the best of African fashion to the world. We are using the online e-commerce platform to reach beyond the borders of South Africa, and the African continent more broadly, to develop and promote local design and make it more accessible to international buyers, says AFI’s Head of Business Development, Randa Adechoubou.

An extension of the AFI PRIV pop-up stores, the website will run trunk shows changing its selection every three to five days, ensuring that visitors to the website will continually find fresh and relevant designer items to choose from.

Established by African Fashion International, AFI PRIV provides African designers with international retail opportunities and exposure, boosting the economic and business development of their home countries, whilst also meeting the growing demand for high-end African fashion.

In order to keep their collection relevant and unique, AFI PRIV travels the continent and selects particular designers and pieces, presenting their products under one online boutique, and providing fashion lovers with an exclusive and extensive list of designers to choose from, adds Adechoubou.

With the excitement surrounding Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg as a backdrop, AFI PRIV Online is sure to focus the eyes of the international fashion community squarely an Africa and its incredible potential and talent from March 5.