Adama Paris

Describe your Brand


Adama Paris style is more than a way of dressing; it reflects the moods of a contemporary woman. The collection is handmade and collaborates with Senegalese artisans for accessories. Fashion made in Africa for the world that is the mindset of Adama Paris brand.


What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?


My collection is inspired by Berber population and unique sense of style. The vast majority of the population of North Africa is of Berber origin. The term Berber means “people whose language is not understood”, that is, foreigners by extension, the word means “wild” or “uncivilised”. Do you have any big plans for the year 2018? Yes, to open up a factory in Senegal and a shop in Paris.


What is driving the current creative explosion in African Fashion?


It is our awareness of having a unique sense of fashion and our African heritage. How do you interpret the idea I AM AFRICA? Be bold. Be creative. Don’t apologise for being different.