Highlights from AFI Womenswear Fashion Collective in partnership with Forbes in Abu Dhabi

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AFI Womenswear Fashion Collective in partnership with Forbes in Abu Dhabi - For the full show visit our YouTube page

Womenswear Fashion Collective: Designer Line-Up

Christie Brown

Aisha Ayensu is the Founder & Creative Director of the internationally acclaimed luxury fashion label, Christie Brown. Named after another inspiring female, her grandmother, Christie Brown is a luxury fashion brand for the global citizen.

Marie Louis Bishara

Fashion designer, Partner, Vice Chairman, and CEO of Bishara Group in the Fashion & Apparel Retail Business. Furthermore, Marie Louis designed and manufactured seven in-house brands under BTM and Marielouis, sold in 7 owned showrooms.


Eric Raisina

Eric Raisina is a fashion designer based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He was born in Madagascar and studied fashion in Paris, and later worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix. His collections focus on texture and color.

Shamyra Moodley

My mum always said that I would look great in a sack. Enter off-cut hessian (an incredibly sustainable material), some remnant t-shirt yarn and a love for weaving. The result was the birth of my art piece skirt. And so, my chapter in design begins in the most extraordinary way.

Sara Al Tamimi

Determined to bring back the grandeur of an earlier time to now, with my love for exploring unique fabrics and opulent textures, I designed my collection by mixing demure and daring. A construct with great attention to detail, these creations are made to flatter and last.


The epitome of urban chic, Sober Design House was launched by, Head Designer, Tshepo Mafokwane. Her design signature speaks a language of bold, ultra-feminine shapes, with tailored shoulders and waists, which are contrasted with unexpected touches of softness and sparkle.

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Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe understood that clothing is a silent statement of who we are. Wearing multiple figurative hats in her life; her medical scrubs signified healing, her pantsuits represented her business-mindedness, and her colourful dresses conveyed her playful spirit as a mother and wife. In search of style that could convey this multi-faceted identity, African Fashion International was brought to life as a fashion and lifestyle brand curated for the exceptional and sophisticated woman – or man.

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