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Imprint is an Afro-Futuristic and Pan-African fashion brand founded by Mzukisi Mbane from South Africa. It is created to celebrate as well as to tell the African ancestry stories using iconic prints. Put more succinctly, the brand has a simple and often-stated ethos: “leave a mark”. The current collection is a snapshot of a Pan-African family imagined. It features pieces that celebrate the story of an African traveler.


Founded by Mothusi Lesolle, iZaura is a fashion brand from Botswana. The collection is a representation of the people of Botswana, warm-hearted and welcoming. The collection is made up of sustainable material and also curb wastage by using offcuts. Some pieces were re-purposed from garments that were not sold in the previous collections.


Kworks is the brainchild of African Fashion International Fastrack finalist, Keneuoe Mhletswa from South Africa. The young brand provides ready-to-wear garments, specialising in womenswear but spills over to men’s resort wear. The brand prides itself in catering to all women and men of all shapes and sizes.

ohana swimwear

Neema N. Kinoti is a Kenyan entrepreneur who saw the lack of diversity in the swimwear industry and decided to start Ohana Swimwear. Using a combination of colour, prints, and the latest fabrics with emerging international trends, she has transformed the swimsuit industry in Kenya. The brand aims to be accessible to all Africans giving them the confidence to step into the water.


A black-owned female-led designer brand from South Africa. Moshopjadi Tsiki is the founder and creative director for MyOpenClozet. Moshopjadi is constantly looking to create garments that are modern, youthful, and trendy. The brand likes to experiment with diverse prints, textured fabric, and colour while making clothing that is both uniquely stylish and comfortable. There’s a strong passion for romantic maxi dresses and modern vintage clothing.


Candida Montsho and her husband Wedu Montsho are the founders of Dihdah. Their latest collection titled “Diamonds of the Desert” is inspired by Batswana’s strength and resilience, its landscape as well as its most valued stone – the Botswana Diamond. Keeping sustainability at the center of their production, they use fabrics that are digitally printed. Digitally printed fabrics are one of the major ways the fashion industry is using to curb wastage of water and dye pollution. Fabric offcuts are donated to creators of traditional mats and cushions.

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Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe understood that clothing is a silent statement of who we are. Wearing multiple figurative hats in her life; her medical scrubs signified healing, her pantsuits represented her business-mindedness, and her colourful dresses conveyed her playful spirit as a mother and wife. In search of style that could convey this multi-faceted identity, African Fashion International was brought to life as a fashion and lifestyle brand curated for the exceptional and sophisticated woman – or man.

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