Botswana Fashion Stylist Stoked About Tonight’s Show

Tumi Nthutang is a fashion stylist, blogger and digital entrepreneur based in Botswana and can’t wait to see her fashion icons showing tonight.

The Botswana based stylist said it is her first time attending Cape Town Fashion Week. “I’ve done Joburg so I was very curious to see the fashion this side of the country.”

“I was looking forward to see Quiteria and George, I always see their range online, and it’s much textured, very dramatic. I love that kind of fashion and it is very structured as well. I was impressed after seeing their stuff last night.

“Today I’m looking forward to see Khosi Nkosi, I like her stuff. The last time I’ve seen her show was in 2016 when I attended the Joburg Fashion Week. This time around I’d like to see what they are going bring,” she said.

Tumi said tonight she is excited to see other designers especially the ones from North Africa like Ituen Basi and Adele Dejak.

Explaining her look for the tonight’s show, Tumi said she is dressed by Botswana based designer, Eccentric Style Rot.

“I told them I wanted something fun and sexy and this is what they came up with. I love fashion and I’m looking forward to tonight,” she said.