Colour vs Geometry In Nguni Inspired Fashion From Inga Madyibi

We’re accustomed to seeing the use of geometric shapes, found in Nguni art, from African designer Inga Madyibi, but we may be in for a surprise with his next collection. We’ve been seeing on his Instagram post, a play of nude colour palette, and cannot stop wondering and getting excited about his next range. 

The Inga Madyibi Luxury brand is known for being innovative, so we strongly believe that the design house is more than capable of elevating the colour brown, by turning it into high fashion’s new black. 

Madyibi caught the attention of the fashion world when photographer Victor Dlamini named his Moroccan Magic Dress as the 2017 Most Beautiful Object in South Africa. He designed this garment in collaboration with South African TV personality, Nandi Madida.

This accolade came off the back of Madida and Madyibi’s Colour Collection presented for the first time at the AFI Fashion Week 2016. And even then, the African designer’s use of geometric shapes and impeccable tailoring took centre stage.

Inga showcased at the AFI Fashion Week Joburg 2020 and his bold, colourful bomber jackets stole the show. At this virtual event, Madyibi impressed fashion lovers with his collection inspired by a fusion of Nguni art and culture. The collection, “was inspired by the clean lines and geometry found in the Ndebele wall paintings,” said Madyibi. 

We love the fact that the latest collection is experimental, particularly when it comes to the choice of fabrication, and we look forward to what the Inga Madyibi brand serves up next.

Thanks to the AFI Boutique you can shop the Inga Madyibi Boutique online. His runway collection from AFI Fashion Week Joburg 2020 is currently available in the online store. Look out for the Nguni Polo Shirt, Xhanti Maxi dress or make a statement with the Ndebele Crew Neck.


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