David Tlale Engages With Young Designers At AFI Masterclasses

Renowned South African fashion designer, David Tlale engages with young designers at the AFI Masterclass series.

The Masterclasses are part of the AFI Cape Town fashion Week, which is currently underway until Saturday, 24 March. The Masterclass series were created to empower upcoming designers with information and prepare them for the competitive world of fashion.

David Tlale dealt with the nitty-gritties of the industry, telling the young designers that being a designer is not only about the love of clothes and the glamorous life but it is about hard work.

“The problem with young people is that, just because they like fashion they think that automatically qualifies them to be designers. Designing is a skill and it should be respected,” David said.

David said he enjoyed engaging with the young designers and he is glad they appreciated his honesty. He told them the importance of going to school and study the craft.

“It is so sad that anyone with money can wake up and call himself or herself a fashion designer. This takes away the quality of the craft. We should go back to treating this industry with the respect it deserves. You find a person that cannot even sketch calling themselves a designers,” he said.

“I enjoyed engaging with them (designers) and the questions they posed were relevant. You can see that they are hungry for knowledge. I spoke on building a lasting brand and this should be based on a good foundation which is education and the knowledge of the industry,” David added.

David said such conversation are needed and should continue in order to create sustainable brands in the fashion industry.