Day 3 of #AFIJFW: All you need to know

Marianne Fassler

If you know local fashion, you know Marianne Fassler. You then subsequently know that she brings the heat every season. And this collection was no different. With inspiration from Creative Director, Lezanne Viviers’ travels to Japan, there were stunning elements of Asian culture, which fused perfectly with the Fassler signature aesthetic. The music was also worth noting as it helped shape the idea of Asia in Africa as each piece told its little part in the story. We are wowed once again.


Art comes alive with Quiteria & George

As you may know, Quiteria and George are no strangers to OTT moments, with their last season featuring none other than the graceful Carol Bouwer walking their runway.  This season they opted for something outside of our imaginations and held their presentation at the Melrose Arch Gallery, a fitting setting as their pieces often play with texture, which was the common thread in the gallery as well. The garments were complimented with grotesque but beautifully delicate cages worn over the models’ faces, and hair adorned with colourful butterflies, touching on their inspiration: metamorphosis.


AFI Masterclasses

If you ever wanted to be among those  who have lived to tell the story, this was the moment. Industry heavyweights such as Asanda Sizani, Matte Nolim and Seth Shezi, gathered in the morning to discuss relevant topics like the disruption of media, and the shifts in men’s clothing markets. Audience members engaged the panel on some important issues in order to assist in finding progressive ways to make our communities better spaces to live and work in.


Beauty came alive

From glitter lips at Csquared Women, to top tied afros at Kahindo, and everything in between, Wella and MAC artists respectively went to town. It was like a see-saw of emotions as we transitioned from a dramatic colour eye in one show, to a nude, fresh and dewy face in the next. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say the beauty teams have superpowers.


Not your average wedding dress

It has come to be expected that the finale look of a runway show will be a wedding dress. More often than not, it is white with either lace or beading detail, making for an exquisite white wedding gown. Imprint and Scalo were able to spark new narratives with their African culture infused gowns as they both married tradition with Western influences to bring dresses that women could wear to their traditional weddings, quite disruptive and we love it.

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