Denim Rules Fashion Month

Denim is the biggest trend of Fashion Month as fashionistas find new ways of wearing the textile. Shop the trend at House of Nala

Denim enjoys a stylish resurgence as attendees during Fashion Month rock the textile in the fashion capitals of the world. Here are the best denim looks from House of Nala

Forget about what has been happening on the runways during the Spring/Summer 2023 shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

The focus has been on what the attendees have been wearing outside the shows.

After two years of fashion shows mostly happening virtually, fashion lovers have been hungry to showcase their personal style during fashion weeks. A few years ago, people were irritated by street-style fashionistas as they took attention away from the designer collections.

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Some of the best denim looks during New York Fashion Week

Respected fashion scribe, Suzy Menkes, wrote in 2013 about how the street style was overshadowing the runway and turning shows into zoos.

“Two things have worked to turn fashion shows into a zoo,” she writes. “The cattle market of show-off people waiting to be chosen or rejected by the photographers, and the way that smart brands, in an attempt to claw back the control lost to multimedia, have come in on the act.”

Many silently agreed, even though they also celebrated the risks these fashionistas were taking to democratise fashion.

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Some of the best denim looks during Milan Fashion Week

Almost a decade later, there is a sense of relief that fashion weeks are back in-person and with it, the travelling circus of fashionistas. They are all angling to get their outfit snapped by leading street-style photographers.

As the fashion train chugged along from the global fashion capitals, one thing has been apparent- denim is back.

Not that the textile ever goes away. Denim is dependable and is the go-to for many people. It’s easy to wear, accentuates the body, and can be worn up or down.

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Some of the best denim looks during London Fashion Week

In 2020, the SA Style Awards asked attendees to wear head-to-toe denim as they feted the most stylish individuals in South Africa. We saw how guests interpreted the theme, with some going full Canadian tuxedo, and wearing denim evening gowns, while others went for the trusted denim jacket to add an element of the theme. It proved one thing- you can never go wrong with denim.

It has been interesting to see how fashion lovers have taken to denim during Fashion Month. It’s clear how denim has returned with a vengeance and it’s up to you how you wear the textile.

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Some of the best denim looks during Paris Fashion Week

What has been evident is that with denim, it is how you wear it. From the different colour washes and styles, to frayed, tailored, and oversized the story about denim this season.

Inspired? Then try these denim garments from the Africa Fashion International’s House of Nala.

Gavin Rajah Denim Tweed Set
Afrikan Swiss washed delela
Afrikan Swiss Denim Dress
Afrikan Swiss denin shirt
Loayo art denim shirt

All these looks are available for purchase and pre-order at House of Nala, 3rd Floor, The Leonardo in Sandton and on the House of Nala e-commerce platform.

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