Diane Paris

Describe your Brand

I love classic pieces. They’re always included in my collections: think of silk shirts, high waisted pants, jackets, and capes. We have a classic ready to wear collection with striking colours like reds, emerald greens, pinks, neutrals and of course black.


What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

My new A/W 18 collection was inspired by the types of clothes that I would love to wear this season! We don’t have four distinct seasons. So, I focused on lighter pieces that can be layered on colder days.  I drew inspiration from fabrics like velvet, suede, faux fur and eco leather that are on trend this season! I’ve created leggings, tops and jackets that can be easily added into any winter wardrobe. I was drawn to frills too, which add a classic feminine element to an outfit. I’ve used them on tops and dresses to add a unique touch to timeless pieces.  The range also includes sets that can be mixed and matched. I incorporated beautiful skirts and turtlenecks that can either be worn on their own, with anything else in the collection or together.  


Do you have any big plans for the year?

Last year I opened my Showroom which has been very successful in providing my clients with a unique personal shopping experience. The growing demand for my clothing made me expand into an online store at the end of last year which has also been a huge success.  What is driving the current creative explosion in African fashion? There’s a creative explosion in the world of African fashion today. It is driven by a generation of creatives with a deep confidence in their identity and vibrant bold colours of their various cultures. I was born to a Polish mother and my father is from Togo. This gives me a global sense of what it means to be African. I’m part of a generation that is proud of their roots and want to show it to the world.

How do you interpret the idea I AM Africa? (AFI theme) To me Africa is young, strong with a deep optimism about our place in the future.