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AFI's "Behind the Stitch" YouTube Series Explores African Fashion Designers

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Africa Fashion International (AFI) is launching a captivating new video series, "Behind the Stitch: Conversations with African Fashion Designers."

This video series delves deeper than the runway to explore the creative minds shaping the future of African fashion.

Premiering every Wednesday on the AFI YouTube channel, each episode features exclusive interviews with leading designers who showcased their talents at the prestigious Joburg Fashion Week in November 2023.

What to Expect:

  • Intimate conversations: Go beyond the glamour and discover the thoughts and motivations that drive these creative visionaries.
  • Insights and inspiration: Gain valuable knowledge about the current state and exciting future of African fashion.
  • Uniquely African perspective: Explore the significance of the "Made in Africa" movement and how these designers are contributing to it.
  • Creative process revealed: Learn about the inspiration behind their stunning collections, the unique fabrics they use, and the techniques that bring their designs to life.
  • Aspirations and goals: Hear the designers' hopes for their collections and the fashion industry as a whole.
  • Building a legacy: Discover their aspirations for their brands and the impact they wish to leave on the world.
  • The AFI influence: Understand how AFI has supported their journeys and their goals for the years ahead.

EPISODE 1: Malondié

Founded in 2015 by Londeka Buthelezi-Ndaba, Malondié is a dynamic, award-winning womenswear label. Working under the intention of enhancing the everyday life of its clientele, Malondié strives to push the boundaries of style through its emphasis on authenticity.


EPISODE 2: Bongiwe Walaza

After a 12-year absence, Bongiwe Walaza returned to the AFI Fashion Week runway at Joburg Fashion Week. In this episode, Bongiwe Walaza talks us through the process of her latest collection, her return and why she took a break and her views on African Fashion today.


EPISODE 3: Bathini Designs 

South Africa’s Bathini Designs empowers women through luxury ready-to-wear and bespoke pieces. Founder Bathini Kowane, a self-made designer, brings confidence and bold style to every woman’s wardrobe.


EPISODE 4: Alia Baré

Nigerien designer Alia Bare’s eponymous label celebrates womanhood and the female form. Through her meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials, the Dakar, Senegal-based Bare has earned a reputation for producing garments that are as comfortable and accessible as they are the stylish epitome of African luxury.  


EPISODE 5: Siphosihle Masango

Masango's signature artistry takes centre stage in this collection, showcasing crystals, pearls, prints, and ruffles on each piece. Designed for individuals who embrace visibility and value the transformative power of fashion, this collection is a testament to empowerment through style. 


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