Cape Town Met 2024: Your Fashion Guide to "Cape Splendour"

Cape Town Met 2024: Your Fashion Guide to "Cape Splendour"

Buhle Mbonambi

  • Channel the Mother City's beauty with "Cape Splendour" fashion
  • Discover how to rock the Cape Town Met 2024 theme with jewel tones, floral flourishes, and sophisticated silhouettes.
  • Delve into the world of "Made in Africa" fashion, where bold colours, innovative silhouettes, and rich traditions meet

Imagine this: the sun setting over Table Mountain, casting a golden glow on the city's vineyards. The air vibrates with the energy of music and laughter, while the scent of summer’s blooms hangs in the air.

That's "Cape Splendour”. A celebration of Cape Town's natural beauty, cultural richness, and it’s cosmopolitan vibe.

And the magnificence of the Mother City will be celebrated at the upcoming Cape Town Met on Saturday, 27 January. 


The Cape Town Met is more than a horse race; it's a high-stakes affair with elevated style. Held every last Saturday of January at Kenilworth Racecourse, it's one of the continent's biggest horse racing events, rivalling the King’s Plate and Durban July.

It is the richest horse race meet in the continent, so it’s bound to leave fashion lovers wondering what to wear to the Cape Town Met.


This year's theme, Cape Splendour, celebrates Cape Town's heritage and vibrant present. It goes beyond traditional race-day attire, highlighting the diverse tapestry of Made In Africa fashion. 

Fresh from the Joburg Fashion Week runway, the House of Nala by AFI store has curated looks that are available in store and online, for the Cape Town Met. 

What To Wear to the Cape Town Met 

What To Wear to the Cape Town Met 2024

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Ring by Nikiwe Mathebula, Bloom Pink Skirt by SCALO, Blossom Pink Blazer by SCALO, Purple Sleeveless Maxi Dress  by AFI PRIVÉ, Pink Silk Velvet Purse with Feather Trim by ERIC RAISINA, and Silk Ombre Jumpsuit by SCALO.

Jewel Tones: Let the Cape's famous landscapes inspire your colour palette. Think emerald green (vineyards), sapphire blue (the ocean), fiery citrus hues (fynbos blooms and mesmerising sunsets) and the ombre shades inspired by dawn and dusk in Cape Town.

Textures and Fabrics: Let your outfit mimic the richness of Cape Town. Luxe satins and velvets evoke the opulence of vineyards, while flowing chiffons and airy linens capture the coastal breeze. Consider incorporating delicate beadwork or shimmering embroidery inspired by the Africa’s vibrant beadwork and craft traditions.


CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: DNA Dress with Matching Scarf by ALIA BARÉ, Warped Sunrise Dress by SCALOYellow Velvet Flower Crotchet Bag With Autrice Feather by ERIC RAISINA, Flora jumpsuit by SCALO, Yellow Linen Short-Sleeved Shirt by GVLLVNTPleated Halterneck Maxi Dress by TUMI CAPTIVATING

Floral Flourish: Cape Town is renowned for its stunning floral diversity. Incorporate floral prints or intricate embroidery reminiscent of proteas, yellow everlastings, or lilies. You can also accessorize with statement floral headpieces that speak to the theme, while also making sure you are event (and season!) appropriate

Channel Sophisticated Splendour: While the Met embraces modernity, it's still a celebration of the sport of kings. Inject a touch of timeless elegance into your look. 


CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Double Breasted Linen Blazer by AFI PRIVÉ, Pink Angel Wings Linen Blazer by GVLLVNT, Champagne Floral Print Dinner Jacket by GVLLVNT, Bronze Blazer with Beaded Embellishments by GVLLVNT, Silk Linen Sweatpants by GVLLVNT, Light Blue Linen Trousers by AFI PRIVÉ, Orange Linen Shirt by GVLLVNT

Classic Silhouettes: Think clean lines, tailored cuts, and structured forms. Play with tuxedo-inspired elements for women, like sharp blazers and trousers paired with statement earrings or bold lipstick. Men can elevate a classic suit with a patterned silk tie or a velvet waistcoat. 

Luxe Details: Elevate your ensemble with sophisticated accents. Think shimmering metallic fabrics, intricate lace overlays, or delicate feather trims. For men, consider cufflinks with local gemstones or a pocket square in a bold print.

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Purple Satin Corset and Green Satin Palazzo Pants by AFI PRIVÉ, Printed Green and White Satin Tiered Maxi Dress by TUMI CAPTIVATING, Green Silk Trousers by GVLLVNT, Green silk organza bag by ERIC RAISINA, Green Beaded Asante Necklace by ENJIPAI

A Touch of Tradition: Show your respect for the Met's long history by incorporating subtle nods to past eras. A vintage-inspired hat, a pair of antique gloves, or a statement piece of heirloom jewellery can add a touch of timeless charm.

Celebrate African Fashion: Think beyond traditional interpretations. Let your attire tell a story. Don't just blend in with the crowd; become a walking masterpiece, a living tribute to Africa's artistic spirit.

All these garments are available to shop at House of Nala by AFI, Shop U47A, Upper Shopping Level, Sandton City. Click here for directions.

You can also shop online on the House of Nala by AFI online store. 

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