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Celebrating Andiswa Manxiwa: Model Turned Fashion Producer

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Women have always been drivers of culture – space-makers, building networks and transferring culture through every avenue available to them.

From business and journalism to design and curatorship, women continue to move against the rules and limits of individualism, tokenism, and glass ceilings, to demonstrate the boundless possibilities of success and value-creation in the fashion industry.

Andiswa Manxiwa in Alia Bare at the House of Nala by AFI Collective fashion show during Joburg Fashion Week

Andiswa Manxiwa making a rare return to the runway in Alia Baré at the House of Nala by AFI Collective fashion show during Joburg Fashion Week 2023.

This year, Africa Fashion International celebrates International Women’s Month by honouring women who are driving African fashion both on and off the continent, from all corners of the fashion system. 

Andiswa Manxiwa is one of those women. 

In the cutthroat realm of modelling, tough characters thrive. Andiswa Manxiwa stands out—a runway veteran, unyielding in her no-nonsense approach.

Her coaching mirrors a Premier League coach's fire, her presence commanding attention at many fashion shows. 

A journey from early-2000s model to show-producer, runway coach, casting director, and entrepreneur defines Manxiwa's multi-hyphenate impact on African fashion. 


Andiswa Manxiwa has produced many of Africa Fashion International's fashion shows, including the AGOA 2023 Forum Made In Africa showcase

Her 22-year journey ignited in 2002, scouted by Heads Models. A Ford Models contract and Avon Cosmetics campaign solidified her career.

Johannesburg-based since 2004, she reigns as South African fashion's queenmaker. The glossy pages of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Elle Magazine showcase her expertise. 

At the fashion forefront, Manxiwa imparts knowledge as a modelling coach, nurturing a new generation. As a producer on the runways of African Fashion International’s fashion weeks, she has found a way to pivot from strutting the catwalk, to producing world-class runway shows through her company,  AM Productions.


Manxiwa credits her time working with leading fashion school, Stadio, as granting her the opportunity to travel cross-continent, engaging students on the depth of fashion education and the multitude of opportunities that it offers.

A firm believer in the work ethic, adaptability and creativity required to be successful in modelling, Manxiwa continues to bring our audiences captivating and diverse shows.   

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