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Niquita Bento: Redefining Fashion Photography

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Women fuel culture's evolution – shaping spaces, weaving networks, and transmitting traditions through every available avenue. 

Whether bridging gaps in African fashion's knowledge or catalysing industry growth through collaboration, a shared commitment emerges: to construct a united fashion realm propelled by collective investment and partnership. 



Across business, journalism, design, and curation, these women defy individualism, tokenism, and glass ceilings in Africa’s creative industry. They redefine success, proving the limitless potential for value creation in fashion. 

We honour these trailblazing women steering African fashion both near and far, spanning every facet of the industry. Amid global challenges – from conflicts to climate shifts – they forge ahead with visions for the continent's sartorial future. 

Niquita Bento is one of those women. 


The Cape Town based photographer and creative director, Niquita Bento, is renowned for her captivating visual storytelling and distinctive style.

Bento started her career as a style reporter for ELLE South Africa, before becoming the magazine’s Creative Assistant.  

Currently, she is the lead photographer for Conde Nast South Africa magazines, specifically Glamour and GQ South Africa. 


Bento's portfolio is an expansive tapestry that spans various genres within the fashion industry, showcasing her unrivalled creativity and creative prowess behind the camera.

She counts Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel Beauty, Saint Laurent, Adidas, Gucci, Levis, H&M, Sunglass Hut, Adidas, Nike, Samsung, La Mer and Maybelline as her clients. 

But her work goes far beyond capturing mere images - it transcends the boundaries of traditional photography to evoke emotions, narratives, and moods that leave a lasting impact on viewers. 


Drawing inspiration from her deep understanding of fashion aesthetics, Bento's keen eye for detail and impeccable composition results in imagery that is as visually striking as it is conceptually profound.

Every photograph she captures becomes a testament to her artistry, showcasing her ability to seamlessly weave together fashion and storytelling in a truly extraordinary way. 


Her lens allows the essence of fashion to unfold in breathtaking and mesmerising ways, making her a true visionary whose creativity, skill, and unwavering dedication continue to inspire and captivate. 

Header Image: Niquita Bento via Instagram

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