Get ready to enter 2021 with a new look and feel.

Seditsi Collection 2021

Martha 31 is an inspired collection by his mother to the 31 years old Lesedi Baakwalanya. Martha a self-made township girl whose life became phenomenal as she transitioned from being a young girl to a mother, a teacher by profession and a wife to her husband, whom she got separated from and still managed to be a woman of honour and prayer. The collection was inspired by her special beliefs and her sense of style, even after her passing (may her soul rest in peace).

The collection consists of the silhouettes she used to wear which are still trendy, relevant and modern. We speak about the collars, sleeves and the romantic moments of fabrics. Seditsi Collection tells African stories and spiritualism through fashion. We have to look like Ngwedi which resembles her peaceful spirit even though taught.

With the New Year upon us and 2021 goals are being set, this collection should be incorporated into every women’s look.

Simple go onto, select your New Year’s garments and let us deliver it to your doorstep.