Keletso Moraba.

The brand was founded in 2016 following Keletso Moraba’s momentous win of the hit reality TV series The Intern by David Tlale.
The design ethos is contemporary yet timeless couture, chic and has tendencies of leaning towards bespoke.

Keletso’s designs are feminine, dreamy and bold often times with a touch of edge that is always classy and sophisticated. Spring/Summer is a magical time for watching butterflies which is why K. Moraba & Collective will be presenting its unique blend of colour and texture to its’ latest Spring/Summer range.

The purpose of a cocoon is to protect the butterfly with its’ silky-smooth texture, this is how for instance the Olive-Green Duchess Satin was introduced to the collection. Clothing material plays a significant role in the human race as it serves the same purpose as the cocoon which is to simply cover the body.

The style of this collection focuses on the chic and young women who ooze life and confidence. This energy may be compared to the stage whereby the butterfly escapes its’ cocoon and reaches for the skies. This particular expression may be identified in the designs of this collection by the unique detailing on the sleeves of the designs.

K.Moraba Collecrtion