Kahindo Shows At AFI Cape Town Fashion Week For The First Time

Kahindo Mateene was very excited and nervous just before showcasing her range for the first time at the AFI Cape Town fashion Week.

Kahindo said her range is inspired by her Congolese background and also by the world as a whole as she had travelled to a number of countries.

Talking about how she feel before showing her range Kahindo said it is one of the opportunities that does not come for everyone and she appreciates it.

“I am excited and nervous and at the same time but I am looking forward to share my range with Cape Town. It is my first time showing here and I’m thankful for the opportunity,” Kahindo said.

“I haven’t see much of other designers’ work since I was busy preparing for my show. The only one I just had a glimpse of is Laduma and it looked incredible. I relate to his work a lot because he uses prints and I do a lot of it as well” she added.

Kahindo, who was one of the contestants at the Emmy nominated fashion show, the Project Runaway season 12, gave advice to upcoming designers saying they should never to stop dreaming.

“What I want to say to all the upcoming designers who are here is that they should be inspired by what they see here but also remain to their style. They should not rush, I had a long journey that brought me here. Another thing is that there are too many voices out there that will tell them otherwise, they should stick to what they believe in and press on,” Kahindo said.