Malcolm KLûK and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit.

Malcolm KLûK and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit are the creative force behind KlûK CGDT and 3 times past “AFRICAN Designers of the year”. For Malcolm and Christiaan their label represents the culmination of two designers’ passion and the vision of bringing the African continent an international experience of fashion. It is
immediately evident to anyone that careful consideration has been given to each garment; from the fabric selection, to the cut and finish of each piece. It is this careful consideration and attention to detail that distinguishes their clothes as luxury garments…It is the relationships they build with their customers and the experiences their customers enjoy that sets them apart from others.

The KLUK CGDT brand is well known for sophistication in design and
uncompromising standards in service and quality, but it is their brave use of colour, pattern and fabric that they are particularly celebrated for.
“We are not scared of colour or pattern, we love unusual fabric and spend spare time on fabric Safari’s, seeking uniqueness,

They are equally well known for their bridal and couture gowns both locally and internationally as their ready to wear and have won awards for their “Red Carpet Style”. Special consideration is taken for each bride individually. “ Bridal-wear is not like fashion, it represents a dream with a lifetime of expectations, and this is what
we strive to fulfil” The process starts with a consultation in their couture salon with champagne and the bride is involved with every step until the final fitting with the veil.

They produce 3 ready-to-wear collections a year off the rack and in sizes, which they sell through their boutique at 43 Bree Str. in Cape Town as well as trunk-shows across Africa. 43 Bree houses a one stop shop of African Luxury with Cape Cobra Exotic leather goods and Ciani Jewellers, all 3 brands known for handcrafting their
products to the most exacting international standards in design and quality.


We always wanted a collaborative space, and this “Concept Store” offers a one stop shop sensory experience for customers. Great design, Personal attention, the specially designed fragrance that floats through the air and the taste of luxury through the best South African Wines and spirits. Property is the latest evolution for KLûK CGDT. We started by developing the property of our Bree Str. Boutique that started the bug to do more. We love new frontiers to cross and property design and development is the natural progression.

All our stores and homes have added to the sensory experience we like to offer our friends and clients, so how better than to create a full environment to wear the clothes in. We have completed 2 properties and 3 more are in development both in South Africa and abroad, clients can either purchase the property or can have the full interior decorated space as well.