Looking for a transitional style? Get some pleats from House of Nala

SHOP: Pleats rank highly as one of the most in-demand trends this season. From plissé to accordion, stay on trend with the best pleated garments available at House of Nala

There are many reasons that pleats are a wardrobe staple. They are fun, they add an element of whimsy to an outfit; you can dress them up or down. Simply put, pleats are a beloved silhouette favoured by women because of how they accentuate their bodies.

It makes sense why Marilyn Monroe chose a pleated dress for that scene in Some Like It Hot. It would never have worked if she hadn’t worn a pleated dress- because the pleated skirt flared and allowed freedom of movement, which made it possible to get the now iconic moment.

The past three seasons have seen pleats return in a major way. And this time it’s not just the simple pleat. It’s all about shapes, prints, texture, and the size of the pleat.

Brands like Issey Miyake, Thebe Magugu, Valentino, Miu Miu and Dior (pictured above), designed pleated garments for Spring 2021/2022 and gave a new spin on the popular style. From plissé and accordion to the more origami-esque fancy pleats, sunburst, and knife pleats, ‘tis the season to add more pleated garments to your closet.

History of Pleats

A painting of Queen Nefertiti Playing Senet while wearing a pleated linen garment. Upper Egypt, Met Museum. PICTURE: PICRYL

In ancient times, pleats were a sign of wealth and luxury. Pleated garments could only be handmade using the finest silk, wool, and linen, which made it a luxury. They were almost impossible to maintain, especially since the pleats lost shape after the garments were washed, making the process to make them even more difficult and time consuming.

In Egypt, pleats were worn with tunics as a symbol of power, influence, and wealth. In the 16th century, pleats were also a sign of power and were seen in the ruffs worn by monarchs and aristocrats.

Through the centuries, designers have found easier methods to do pleats allowing them to do wide and the most delicate micro pleats. Today mass producers have dedicated pleat machines that make the process easier, while high end designers still go with the traditional, handmade method of pleating.

Here are our picks of the best pleated garments available for pre-order at House of Nala

Pleated Princess Set by Trendy Secrets (R2,875)
Kaone Pleated Skirt by MyOpenClozet (R3,157)
Blue Pleated Dress by Trendy Secrets (R3,450)
Vintage Goddess Pleated Jumpsuit by MyOpenClozet (R4,083)
Floral Pleated Organza Dress by MyOpenClozet (R6,877)


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