#MBFWCT17 Designer Alert Cleo Droomer

 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

Leonardo da Vinci

Growing up with the bourgeois ladies of the Boland, as his grandmother was a prolific seamstress, Cleo Droomer was enchanted by balls of wools and knitting needles, and the possibility they presented of creating something. The sewing machine sowed a seed, that propelled this five year old boy into the world of fashion and retail.

A number of years later, Cleo is on the journey of discovering what fashion means to him, but knows that it is a work in progress. Fashion, he believes, can never be one simple thing, as it is always going to mean something different. For him, conceptualising and creating beautiful things inspires his consumer to feel something, and that excites him.

When he started out in the industry four years ago, he felt that fashion in South Africa was in the infancy stage, but in this short space of time, it has evolved, and people have embraced the challenges they face. With growth, craftsmanship and the amalgamation of street style and couture, designers are able to mould their businesses and brands with free reign. Cleo can’t wait to see what the future of fashion holds, as he believes that conversation is key to the collective evolution of the industry, with young designers, such as himself, coming to the fore.

Cleo draws inspiration from an array of iconic women in his life, such as his mother, who exudes effortless sophistication. He aims to inspire creativity in his clients, and to receive positive feedback from them is his greatest reward as a young designer.

When he isn’t designing, Cleo is an avid researcher, behind his computer or buried in books, such as historical pieces to draw inspiration; and on the rare occasion, when he isn’t working, he’s working out at the gym.

He faces endless challenges working in the local industry, such as access to fabrics; and whilst all the resources are available, young designers are unable to afford them. These challenges drive him to become more innovative and resourceful, which ignites creativity and imagination.

Cleo’s current Collection is very different, and a work in progress. He took a fashion sabbatical, getting involved in commercial couture, workwear, and the uniform industry. This amalgamation of all planes of thought; from couture to corporate wear, are collaborated into a Runway Collection which is both inventive and exciting.

We look forward to celebrating innovation and imagination with Cleo Droomer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 taking place from the 23rd-25th March.

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