#MBFWCT17 Designer Alert Quiteria & George

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment”

Alexander McQueen

For both Quiteria and George of the Quiteria & George brand, fashion means life itself and they believe that they have been blessed with the ability to touch the lives of others through their talent, and tell stories by means of design.

Thriving in current times, with internet access providing a plethora of possibility, Quiteria & George are able to connect, not only for the purpose of viable fashion influence, but also for trade and exchange with other countries. They believe that Africa is at the forefront of inspiration and as young Africans, they have the ability to tell these stories better than anyone. Through their creative expression, the medium of fashion has been their form of communication with the world.

Vividly remembering his first interaction with fashion, Quiteria fell in love watching the Bapedi women dance in their traditional attire, whilst for George, it was watching The Bold and Beautiful.

What excites them the most about local fashion right now is the fact that the industry is growing rapidly and designers are not afraid to tell stories through their creations.

South Africa has shaped their fashion journey, and extensive information about the textile industry as well as an array of platforms that ensure the growth of clothing manufacturing, such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, is instrumental in continuing the dialogue of fashion design on the ground.

Quiteria & George see the South African industry competing in the global market in years to come and designers representing South Africa on an international sphere more and more.

With their greatest fashion icons being Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta, they attribute all they are today to their incredible mothers, and cite travelling to Paris and meeting some of the greatest influencers in the fashion space a highlight in their careers thus far. Not to mention a compliment from actress and model Annika Gassner.

When they’re not designing, both Quiteria and George are reading or listening to music, fueling their creativity.

With the belief that fashion transcends barriers, fashion is able to speak to different cultures and individuals, essential when addressing today’s youth. Young people are all about sense of belonging and discovery, whether it is through culture, language or religion, and fashion has the ability to translate it all.

Facing challenges as young designers themselves, Quiteria & George struggle to find qualified employees to ensure that they produce quality product, and find that a universal challenge is securing financial assistance to ensure that local designers are able to compete globally. It has been eight years for the design duo in the world of fashion, and every day is a journey filled with lessons, learning and endless possibilities.

Their vision for their latest Collection is to communicate the powerful message that there is beauty and greatness within every individual and that we all can overcome darkness.

Inspired by the film “Black Swan,” the Collection touches on the emotions the duo encounter on a daily basis in an industry fuelled by love and hate. The film has inspired them to never give up and redirect their fears of the unknown. Whilst there may be destruction or confusion, they remain focused on their journey to achieving the impossible.

We look forward to feeling inspired, empowered and emancipated with Quiteria & George at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 taking place from the 7th-8th April 2017.

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