#MBFWCT17 Designer Alert The Coronation of MaXhosa by Laduma

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.”


Celebrated as one of South Africa’s finest when it comes to innovative knitwear, and with fervour for celebrating culture; Laduma’s initial concept of a range of eclectic premium knitwear, that married his passion for fashion and his quest for translating tradition, propelled the aesthetic of Xhosa culture into the future. As an agent of change, Laduma has engaged in a design dialogue that definitely has our attention.

Grabbing the opportunity to create a heritage Brand in a modern context, with both hands, Laduma believes that fashion is a celebration of identity in the most beautiful way. Falling in love with fashion himself at the age of 16, in front of his father’s sewing machine, Laduma poured himself into the pages of Italian fashion magazines.

Being born and raised in a country as diverse as South Africa, has presented a plethora of possibility for Laduma, which enthralled him, and which he has translated into distinctive styles of design that have yet to be seen in the global arena.

Laduma feels that fashion is a business that builds careers and creates art forms, thus enabling the youth of today to understand where they come from, and where they are going.

His greatest challenge, but one which he has come to enjoy; is the task of translating his heritage Brand into a sustainable premium Brand, positioned alongside established international Brands.

A fashionable future lies ahead for this impassioned individual, and he predicts that technology, environmental change and social responsibility will shape the way we see and wear fashion in the years to come.

His greatest fashion icon is his mother who possessed an innate sense of style, that was both classic and rare; and his greatest compliment to date comes out of the Xhosa community, with a man loving his designs so much, that he wishes to be buried in them – an indescribable honour that takes his work beyond the borders of fashion.

Laduma is in passionate pursuit of translating tradition into trend; and is heavily influenced by his sense of wanderlust. When he is not designing, we can find him exploring cultures both locally and internationally.

The Coronation of MaXhosa is a culmination of a five year celebration of Brand exploration, and Laduma feels that this Collection has exited infancy and now finds itself in the adult stage. His Brand has grown, but his feet are still firmly planted on the ground, with MaXhosa identifying as more than fashion, but a lifestyle experience.

We look forward to experiencing the Coronation of MaXhosa at Mercedes-­‐‑Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 taking place from the 23rd-­‐‑25th March.

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