#MBFWCT17 Designer Alert Trebene

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

Vivienne Westwood

When it comes to ancient tradition, reignited for the modern world, the Trebene brand begins its’ journey of ethical fashion cashmere and silk in Kashmir, with the brushing of wool and the nimble movements of hands along the loom. It continues with collaborators and is inspired by travel, love letters, stories and patterns.

For Bushera Bashir, who is behind the Trebene brand, celebrating ancient craft in a contemporary crossover, fashion is transient whilst style lasts forever. Kashmir is an integral part of her design aesthetic, which can be seen in the richness of design and boldness of colours.

When it comes to South African style, she believes it is an amalgamation of rich African heritage and modern aesthetic, which gives it a layered meaning of Africa being in harmony with the world.

She foresees ethical fashion being at the fore in years to come, where designers will know who made their products and where they were made, comprising an integral aspect of every brand. Fast fashion will fade as ethical production is the only way we can create sustainable fashion.

Inspired by the style icon that is Coco Chanel, Bushera believes that Chanel represents the epitome of rebellion, introducing the LBD, trousers, short hair and the sun-kissed tan to women everywhere.

Having a sense of adventure in life has propelled Bushera to where she is today, and continues to take her places, literally and metaphorically, with career highlights for Trebene including launch events in London, Singapore and Cape Town. Seeing her first Collection in print is a special memory she holds dear.

Her greatest compliment came from iconic British fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, who loves the quality and colours of the Tribune cashmere scarves.

When she’s not designing, Bushera loves reading and rock climbing, as well as sharing meals with family and friends.

Bushera believes that a mentor is critical for the success of every person, and has had a number of mentors at different stages of her life and business, ranging from family members to close friends.

Her greatest challenge has been fast fashion, and consumers’ willingness to pay less, whilst conveniently forgetting who is actually making their clothing and where. Trebene stands for artisanal products, printed by hand for a one-of-a-kind scarf, not a mass production movement. Using authentic cashmere fibres from Kashmir ensures exclusivity, with the animals cared for, as part of Trebene’s ethos of looking after ‘the hand that feeds you.’

When it comes to ethical trade, Trebene ensures that all steps of the production process involve fair wages and safe working conditions, investing a portion of its revenue into weaving communities in Kashmir.

The Afro-Zen Collection celebrates the intersection of Africa and Asia, where we can dance to our individual rhythms, collide in our contrasting styles and stand still in the space between us. Each scarf presents a portion of Africa and Asia, seamlessly weaving together the differences between tribal African and symmetrical Asian design. Bursts of colour and symmetry celebrate the duality in design, and we look forward to experiencing the stark and stylish contrast of Trebene at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 taking place from the 23rd-25th March.

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