Moroccan Designer Showcases At Cape Town Fashion Week

Renowned Moroccan fashion designer, Salima Abdel-Wahab formed part of the talented fashion contingent who graced the Cape Town Fashion Week runway from 21-24 March 2018 in select spaces around Cape Town.

Salima exhibited her collection on Friday, 23 March 2018. Her designs are aimed at working men and women who exude confidence and a strong personality.

One of the most blatant aspects of Salima’s creations speaks to cultural diversity; using her Moroccan origins as inspiration and merging it with oriental influences and material that reflects North African cultures. She then marries these different influences with different eras to come up with pieces that are modern and sophisticated.

Proving that she is alert to the growing trend relating to mindful and sustainable approaches to fashion, Salima loves using raw and natural materials; a farsighted philosophy that is set to modify the industry and implement human-centred and eco-friendly ways to make clothes.

“I find recyclable material that allows me to discover how to create a new form of fashion, sophisticated and original,” she says. “I use these pieces of material to try and bring a touch of sophisticated flair. I love to be crazy enough to reconstruct fabric by experimenting with different materials.”

Salima’s showcase was presented in association with the Casablanca Fashion Week, which prides itself in promoting Moroccan fashion designers abroad, as well as the emergence of a new fashion culture, through meetings and exhibitions on the sidelines of ready-to-wear and couture fashion shows.

“Our goal with this major organization, which allows designers and brands to present their latest collections, is to form a bridge between the talents of Morocco and other countries, while focus on the quality of fashion creation and to integrate it into the fashion industry in order to support the economic growth of the sector,”

says Jamal Abdennassar, Founder/Producer of Casablanca Fashion Week.

Accompanied by Jamal Abdennassar and top Moroccan Afrobian artist Ahmed Soultan, Salima’s showcase formed part of the four-day fashion week, which was held in various spaces around Cape Town, including The Ritz Hotel and Salt River Studios where she shared the 19h00 slot with Durban-based designer Leigh Schubert.


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