Grow Your Brand: Ecommerce Webinar brought to you by House of Nala

Are you a Fashion Designer, Skilled Craftsperson/ Artisan, Or Jewellery designer?  Do you produce
fashion accessories Beauty Products or Home Décor Pieces?

Watch the new House of Nala concept store webinar on e-commerce facilitated by a seasoned e-commerce
and business expert. Learn new skills, ask questions and share ideas and be plugged-in.
House of Nala is a one stop shop stocking Pan African designers including Eric Raisina, Adele Dejak,
Scalo, Gavin Rajah, ImprintZA, K.Moraba Collective and many other top designer brands.
AFI is constantly looking at how to build a business model to benefit and add value to our designers as
well as our customers is part of our mission to connect our vast network of creatives to markets that
care about authentic African narratives.


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