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Describe your Brand:

Adama Paris style is more than a way of dressing: IN ADDITION  he reflects the moods of the contemporary woman.

Openness to other cultures is now set for all women who refuse to  be submit to a reductive image, often defined by a single brand, a single culture.

Adama Paris woman is an elegant modern woman, for who the greatest luxury is to appropriate things,

The Adama Paris line reflects this journey of sharing between Africa and the world.

The collections are often hand made  and collacoration with Senegalese artisans for accessories.

Fashion made ​​in Africa for the world that is the mindset of Adama Paris brand.


What is the inspiration behind your latest collection 

My collection is inspire by Berber population and unique sense of style

The vast majority of the population of North Africa is of Berber origin.

The word Berber is derived from the Greek barbaroi and retained by the Romans in barbarus, then recovered by the Arabs in barbar and finally by the French with Berber. This term meant above all “people whose language is not understood”, that is, foreigners. By extension, the word has meant “wild” or “uncivilized”


Do you have any big plans for the year 2018

Open up a factory in Senegal  and a shop in Paris


What is driving the current creative explosion in African Fashion?

Our awarness of having a unique sense of fashion, our African heritage


How do you interpret the idea I AM AFRICA?

Be bold. Be creative. Don’t apologize for being different


DATE: 24 MARCH 2018

TIME: 19H30