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Describe your Brand: Africa is Now is an online magazine of which ‘anything’ African contemporary is the focus and forms the basis of our content. Africa is Now serves as a platform for African creatives and creativity by showcasing these various forums, ranging from fashion, art, music, and social media and networking events forums. Thus, we ultimately aim to create opportunities for those paving the way for Africa’s future Now, introducing them on a local stage, reaching a global scale. 


Describe your Brand? Leandi Mulder Designs are focused on sustainable practices, paired with intricate handcrafting techniques such hand-weaving, embroidery and textile construction. As a recent graduate; comfort, perfection, attention to detail and a wabi-sabi approach to creative development are what makes her creations distinctively appealing. Her design philosophies rely on an eco-conscious mentality, a global aesthetic and a unique point of view.


What is the inspiration behind your latest collection : My inspiration came from slavery days when researching African history. In the olden days slaves couldn’t afford to buy their own cotton fabric and would result to using hessian as the only accessible fabric to make clothes. I took that concept and decided to make ready to wear clothing that talks about the recycling of the hessian fabric.


Inspiration behind the AW2018 collection: Winter is a time for cocooning, so i think that theme of warmth and comfort is carried through the collection with the cosy knitwear and oversized coats, the warm luxury of velvet, the wool/mohair, the comfortable garments, are all reminiscent of a cosy fireside spot, just how winter should be.


Describe your Brand? Lalesso is a sustainable African resort wear brand with a love for adventure, summer and vibrant print.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection? The Resort ’19 collection is inspired by vibrations and movement on the African continent, the print palettes are bold yet grounded and earthy.



DATE: 23 MARCH 2018

TIME: 21H15