As far as the inspiration of the collection goes, its goes back to the part of the story that I always recite. There is something that always says my story had the beginning where it always begin with the single root which is my mother and as a young boy I tiptoed and danced, I followed those roots until I established my own groove until I grew up to the man that I am now and started Imprint. So the collection is called Umgidi collection, in a way it’s not just celebrates the home coming of this guy who just became not himself but who’s more comfortable and has this distinct identity, but also looking at the other side the woman that raised the man he became now.

You will see that it celebrates a lot of what it means to be a powerful woman in the struggle whether you looking at political struggle, economical struggle, or racial struggle, it just celebrates the power of a woman who raised this man. It also goes deeper since it doesn’t just look in the commercial side of everything but goes to the roots of what this woman was about for myself, so this celebration of home coming, the concept of being yourself its celebrates my roots as a Xhosa guy but also the coolest thing about this collection and what I have grown to understand now is that I am able to take a lots of inspiration from different tribes, from different cultured, because that what basically means to be a South African which is that we have a lot of diversity that is around us and we can always go and tap

Lots of times we don’t even know that lots of us we are inspired by what was once considered as something that was crushed off for other people, so for me it was exciting to put together this collection that truly is the representative of what imprint is about and also celebrating this powerful queen that gave birth to everything that we all are today.

Plans for the year we have a lots of things that are going on currently, it’s been a huge year for Imprint coming from 2017 December until now. It’s exciting to mention some of the things we going to be busy with, we have few projects that we doing internationally which it’s been a while we haven’t done stuffs internationally and now it’s at bigger scale which speaks to the growth of the brand and also when you looking around people are more receptive of the brand now which is translating commercial which is amazing because when we create these brands we don’t just want to communicate our struggle, we don’t just want to tell stories, we don’t do just for that we understand that there is a very strong business element to it which is important to keep the brand going .

So I am happy to be focusing on making sure that people can access the brand everywhere they are as we mow shipping overseas, and locally through our online store which is We going to be launching a new website with different products and like more of a website that is a representative of where imprint is currently, so it’s an international project that we will be doing the launch of the store and 2 fashion films that we are working on, the one that is going to be a thriller off is going to be introduced at the show and then the other one is going to be premiered somewhere by the people that I am working with so it’s really going to be an interesting years and a very busy year for Imprint.

What is driving the current creative explosion in African fashion, I think people are sort of catching on to the fact that everything starts in Africa and that somehow the core of everything, or the root of everything is in Africa. So I think now it’s starting to make more sense and people are catching more in to that, and people are exploring more on what it means or what Africa is all about, not just what it means to be an African but what Africa is about and what Africa is capable of, and in that sense I am loving the fact that we as Africans are taking more advantage of that in the sense that we no longer waiting for the outside world to tell us what to celebrate about ourselves. We taking the initiative of exploring that and looking in to other avenues just expressing our selves, celebrating our cultures and uniting to create these amazing pieces that we working on now.

It’s not just in fashion, but it’s in films, it’s in other aspects of art like people are more comfortable in being Africans now it’s not coming from the outside in, it’s us just deciding that we want to sell ourselves to the world and we want to celebrate our selves

I think a bit of the fact that brands were starting to look in to Africa and exploring Africa but it was not working for us, it was not about us, it was not for us, so we taking it to the concept of Fubu which is ”For us, by us” it inspires us and the rest of the world is just catching on to that, and people I always say it’s just an amazing time to being an African it’s just a beautiful time because we just taking over the world.

How do I interpret the idea that I am an African, for me is very deep because I feel like for me the whole idea of being Africa meaning I embody what Africa is about, just looking at me you will be able to tell my story and my story should be reflective of what most Africans go through so in a way I firstly always dress in a way that is very colourful, that is happy, that is a celebratory of our distinct culture, that says I am a proud African and in a way looking at that and looking at those colours , looking at those culture for only that you can interpret that I am a representative of Africa.

But also I feel like it’s also needs to go deeper than that , I feel like me saying that I am Africa, I should also understand that I need to tell stories, I need to be this guy or be this creative that doesn’t just create something for the glory of it or for this brand or play on people because I feel the lots of times as creative we kind of explore culture, we kind of explore peoples stories , we even explore our stories to creates these beautiful gametes that people go on and talk about, but it doesn’t go back to create change, or impact those people that we use or those characters that we use in telling those stories in a positive way.

So I feel like going further on the things that I do should have a real impact on people, I feel like that what Africa is about because Africa is the mother land, and what does the mother do is being the protector, the creator, the provider, so I feel like in a way for me I am kind of growing in to the idea of being Africa but in every aspect of who I am, I am an African but I haven’t really caught up in to being Africa itself but that what the ides and that what I am working towards.

Umgidi the home coming celebrations Imprint Autumn winter 2018, my story has a beginning where it all begins with the single root my mother. As son I walk in the shoes as big as they were in my tiny feet’s, until I could stand on my own and dance to a lullaby, I find myself strong, beautiful, empowered and grounded. I start to sing and dance to my own beat, tip toeing to the hope that the seed I plant will splat in to its own strength as an African.

Imprint Autumn Winter 2018 collection draws an inspiration from our Spring Summer 2017 which told the story of enforcing yourself to belong, but rather to go find home. This collection is the a celebration of finding that home and it presentation and the way it’s being given to the people the literal display of that as we celebrate all that it means to be African and all that it means to be home, all that it means to be modern representation of what happiness is about, hence, the name home coming celebration Umgidi as it said in Xhosa. We went for very warm tones of powerful tailor silo wear display, rather mature side who the impingement is and also looking at what the queen or who the queen that reedman is, with the usual play, with geometry colour, gender banding looks and prince staying through our single ethos our roots leave a mark.


DATE: 24 MARCH 2018

TIME: 19H30