04 OCTOBER 2018 | 18:00


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Sibusiso Mahone is a collector of style stories and experiences of the Johannesburg streets and a Junkie in search of the curation of fashion elements that explore the contemporary African identity. He believes it has taken too many years to accept the changing patterns of gender positioning and how individuals choose to represent their identities through fashion therefore the brand is dedicated to the pursuit of challenging the classic gender roles of fashion. Mahone presents a collection of androgynous pieces that can be worn by anyone who appreciates form and boldness; offering a juxtaposition of multiple identities.

In 2017 Mahone launched a POP UP Fashion Gallery called Mahone Fashion Gallery, the gallery concept works just as an art gallery but in this case exhibiting fashion as art. The Gallery housed Mahone the brand and was used as a platform to curate other exceptional local designers through exhibition and sale driven events hosted by the gallery.

In the same year Mahone managed to host an independent fashion show in Johannesburg with the aim to connect directly to their audience and followers in Johannesburg. He also showcased at Mozambique Fashion Week in December 2017 and AFI Cape Town Fashion Week in March 2018.


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