Brand Vision:


Maxhosa by Laduma looks that the modern contemporary way that Africans would have been dressing if Africa was untapped or not tempered with, basically the brand re-emerges our cultural ecstatic in the current  day and age, and try to create a new world that we can live, enjoy and feel that it relate and celebrate them as Africans.

The inspiration behind his new collection is inspired by MaXhosa’s evolution for the past six years since the brand was established, as he looked at his signature DNA that has been established over the past six years in the 3D format. MaXhosa is reimaging a wat that people can experience his brand in a 3D format which is an extension of the brand and a new way that he  is positioning the brand in the future as an innovative brand.


DATE: 23 MARCH 2018

TIME: 20H15