Nicholas CouttsAFI CTFW

Describe your brand:

The Nicholas Coutts brand is a fashion label created by Cape Town designer Nicholas Coutts that concentrates on tailoring, craftsmanship and a tangible outlook on fashion. The brand aims to create garments nthat are sohisticated yet comfortable, exude funtionality and timeless elegance and incorporates a human touch into the aesthetic. The continual theme of incorporating handwoven fabrics and the combination of unusual textures makes the brand unique.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

The motifs that I designed for the fabrics in this collection were inspired by exploring the natural habitat of the Western Cape particulary Bain’s Kloof and the Crystal Pools. The overwhelming natural beauty of the elegant landscapes and waterfalls inspired the simple forms and strong colours of this collection creating a balance between technicallity combined with handcrafted detail. The focus is on volume and silhouettes and high quality fabrics that create a highly polished and mature collection.

Do you have big plans for the year 2018?

My plans include expanding my brand into the international market and to focus on developing a range of unique fabrics for furniture and accessories.

What is driving the current creative explosion in african fashion?

The variety of creative talent that africa has to offer is enormous. Creatives in Africa are breaking the mould and geographical boundaries in all fields of the creative arts. It is driven by the young designers who are experimental with their heritage and are taking risks to create a diverse afropolitan aesthetic.

How do you interpret the idea ‘I AM AFRICA’?

It is africa’s time to shine and to celebrate the spectactular talent that this continent has to offer.


DATE: 23 MARCH 2018

TIME: 20H15