OrapelengAFI CTFW

Brand Vision:


Orapeleng Modutle Style Avenue is an original brand which is becoming one of a leading name in the young fashion designers scene, thanks to the Distinctive Style and Brand Identity that always wins and claim the recognition of the international scale. His take and inspriration on his autumn/winter 2018 is ‘Beyond the Grave’ as he was referencing fashion icons from the grave such as Audret Hepburn. Contributing to the overriding theme of ‘Beyond the Grave’ – in more than 50 years in this industry woman have had a greater amount of influence from models, amusers and designers and photographers, the world of style has no shortage of superstars.

Orapereng Modutle Style Avenue, Autumn Winter 2018 collection is inspired by a female icons from the past that have passed on left a legacy in the fashion world like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hapin, Josephine Baker, Marline Dietrich, Mark Mary just to mention the few just these collection were created to remember the honour of these style makers who had the look.


DATE: 24 MARCH 2018

TIME: 21H45