Quiteria and GeorgeAFI CTFW

Describe your brand:

QUITERIA AND GEORGE is renowned of its signature pieces, Elegant,sophisticated and most importantly architecture in motion. it is  a brand for strong women from all walks of life. a jet setter of note. 

Whats the inspiration behind the collection:

The collection was inspired by our latest travel to the kingdom of the Swati people. we had time to visit some parts of swaziland and visited other cultural sights understanding their culture and offcaurse the ROYAL KINGDOM, more especially meeting Queen Lafogeyani . We took and referred to the Swati kingdom as to how every young girls  dreams of becoming a queen or a princess. the clothes and colours represents purity and shapes that we interpreted represents for ever evolving in culture but still maintaining the discipline of the forever changing society we live in today. 

Do you have any plans for the year 2018:

Our biggest achievement this year is the so far is opening of our store in April and to travel other parts of the continent and the world at large.  

What is driving the current creative explosion in African fashion:

Whats driving the current creative explosion in african fashion is the new generation of artists. The narrative is louder than before africa has always been a source of reference when it comes to exploring fashion. we are a continent rich in culture and diversity. Our generation is not afraid to own who they’re than before.

How do you interpret the idea I AM AFRICA:

We interpreted the idea I AM AFRICA by incorporating different shapes that represents our African land scape.We also used colors that represents harmony , peace, our shores also provides in-depth of our forever changing continent. 


DATE: 23 MARCH 2018

TIME: 22H00