Sarah DioufAFI CTFW

Africa, Senegal, and Dakar are always part of the process and inspiration behind every wardrobe I present with Tongoro ; there is an ode to travelling that is recurrent every season as I believe staying up to date is being a nomad, move, go different places, yet still keeping our identity.

I am confident this year will be one of growth both for Tongoro and I.

My goal for the brand is to establish itself in different African countries through pop-up installments that I will be launching later this year ; An « African tour » to meet local fashionistas and friends of the brand, to open a conversation about what they want and expect from African labels, and to get those who haven’t had the opportunity to see, touch (and buy!) the pieces.

I am also very excited for my documentary “Building An African Dream » retracing my journey from my first entrepreneurial venture to now.

The expansion and use of the digital has a lot to do with the current creative explosion in African Fashion ; there are no borders neither limits anymore. Everyone is free to create and showcase their work through all the platforms we have now access to and to know that somewhere someone you don’t know can be touched and interested in your work is a significant source of stimulation for artists, and designers who where primarily creating for themselves, or their community for so long.

I believe that identity is the most important currency of our times, it’s the only thing that helps us navigate the world, that can never be taken from us.

The idea of I AM AFRICA and the pride that comes with translates for me as being whole, coming home, and full circle ; Wherever I go, my roots, my culture, my heritage, my ancestry follows me and reflects in me and my doing, at all times.



DATE: 24 MARCH 2018

TIME: 17H30