Sheria NgowiAFI CTFW

Brand Vision:


Simple yet classic, quietly confident. The awareness that I have the absolute honour and privilege of leaving a legacy, not only for my family but for my generation.The quiet confidence that one has in knowing who he is and that he was created for purpose. There is so much striving in the world today, and I wanted my collection to reflect that in the quiet confidence of being you, one is able to leave a legacy of strength,boldness, courage,confidence and hope. ”LEGACY” SS18 by Sheria Ngowi.

Having faced many challenges as a fashion designer within Africa, I have learnt that resilience and having unshakeable faith, are vital ingredients to being the best I can be. Not only for myself, but for others too.The humble realisation that what I am fighting for today, what I am building today, is breaking barriers for the generations to come and in doing so, I am able to leave a legacy of hope, endurance and courage for other young Africans. My new collection embodies this.


DATE: 24 MARCH 2018

TIME: 20H15