For this collection what we did was we looked at the history of suits or the history of the well-tailored suits which was from the Edwardian era 1925 to 1935 and I think it’s something we have been looking at for the past two years, and basically the concept behind this collection is to have a gentleman who goes through different faces of transition and learning different forms of art that somehow groomed him to be a man.

So to start off with we want to taking him to the journey, the Japanese journey like the Samurai journey, the values and what was the Samurai journey stand for and fuse it with Japanese fashion but at the same time the back born of that being like a really well tailored suit so the inspiration basically behind this was to somehow look at the history of the suit, and find other histories that are very dominant in their own cultures and actually fuse the twist hence I said the British history or the European and you have a Japanese history so it like a fusion of Japanese, Samurai well-tailored kind of space.

2018 we think it’s going to be a great year for the brand because we have expanded the team, we have guys from the right place doing the right things, we have Marketing, Media, we have PR, we have Finance department, we have Events and all these guys contribute towards making the brand really big.

There are couple of shows that we want to do with AFI, I think the one we going to do in September –October is going to be a big one that we really looking forward to, but one of the blends that actually took the brand out there to the couple of international collaboration and I would love to travel abroad a couple of times maybe to New York, Belin, maybe Japanese, Tokyo I want to do Nigeria or Kenya this year so those are the plans solidify in South Africa and find like international collaborations

The drive behind the current explosion, I think we have a lots of burden young talent that have access to the net, that have access to TV, that has access to Radio, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat so all of the sudden you don’t have to wait don’t have to wait six months for something to get in store in South Africa we actually have deer immediately there after a couple of hours after because our current generation is so really inclined into international marketing on what happening in the fashion space and I think we have a woke generation everyone is trying to find themselves, everyone is trying to find way to explain themselves so that pretty much what is happening.

If you look at music, it’s happening, if you look at fashion it’s happening, if you look at acting-the Art it’s happening, it the current boom everywhere. SO if all those spaces actually affects fashion and I think we have such great talent of people who are really killing it in different spaces and we getting to a space whereby if you go to pity the most talented or the most stylist people are the people on the street and South Africa is getting to that point whereby the most fashionable people are people from the street whereby people don’t have to wait for fashion week to discover the new trends, its start within the street and so every time we design the collection we actually look on what happening in the street to whether what woman are wear or whether the guys and we will take that to our own interpretation and our own presentation of the designs, as Nina Simons said “An art is great as duty to reflect the times” and that what we actually trying to do.

How do I interpret the idea I am Africa, I did a collection back in 2013 and titled I am an African it was largely based on Thabo Mbeki’s speech about the hills, different ethnic groups, the cultures and all the racial issues of everything that has happen in South Africa and just put it in word and explain to the country.

I am African is broad, its big I had an opportunity last week to actually watch The Black Panther it was great as much as there were couple of factors missing here and there but it was good.

Interpretation that I am African it’s the collective of culture, it’s the collective of ideas, its humanity-Ubuntu, the beauty of the hills and valleys, and the sky’s, the kindness of the people, the different ethnic groups and If you going to speak about I am African you need to look at everything that happens in Africa. You have to look at politics, you have to look at Zimbabwe, Boko Haram, you have to look at Jacob Zuma, you have to look at Congo, you have to look at Cabilla, you have to look at Ghana, there are so many factors that reminds you whoever is running these countries they are somehow have form of effect of what is happing in the group in terms of fashion.

But I think it’s the collective of African beauty, at the same time the things that hold us back, how do we fuse the tool to actually have a beautiful story to tell. I am Africa that how I look, and it should not be restricted to patterns, it should not be restricted to the Dutch patterns to the way they look at Africa, it’s how we look at Africa from our own eyes, who are we as people of Africa and the greatest representation I have of Africa is South Africa, the Xhosa people, the Zulus, the Pedi’s, the Tswana’s everybody South Africa that my first interpretation.

And you go out to Africa and you meet other people, the Shona’s, the Masai, the Ibo’s, the Europa’s so it’s so diverse and it’s so broad, it’s so deep, one would have to travel out proud Africa getting to meet these different cultures, tap to different minds, getting to these people and live In their own space and getting to fully understand what it means to say I am African. It would actually be great if you guys would run a campaign and find the designers go in to Africa and actually experience different cultures and the from the journey they will be travelling they can be able to tell this is part of the world and this is part of the world.


DATE: 24 MARCH 2018

TIME: 20H15