I make clothing that I would like to wear, and I like looking different from anyone else but still comfortable without looking like you trying too hard, and also it’s nice to wear clothing that you can feel comfortable to walk in maybe at a promenade or maybe later you meet your friends for a drink in the evening and you still look great, whether you going from day to night and you not overdressed at anyone of them so that why I like being comfortable and confident.

Good fabrics, hand paints because you can’t find lots of paints the one no one else has and I really like cutting on the buyers really feminine cut and courage woman to embrace their hips, we have hips all woman, we give birth we should celebrate our curves and our body. I also do man’s clothing, I like mixing masculine and feminine.

The pants and the jackets they are man looking but the big issue is a see through you can wear it with a beautiful lace bra beneath it, so I think it’s versatile, it’s something for everyone, guys and young girls, and older woman because it’s something different , people can also wear it in their own way.

The inspiration behind my collection is based on what I am going through at that time, so I was really in to being a happy person which I am sure everyone is but I’m pretty much obsessed with it, like looking inwards, improving your self-kind of feeling.

I was just looking in to ancients civilisation, the Egyptian kind of fascinate me and there were some female heroes in those days so I felt like maybe I should use Cleopatra because she is strong feminine woman and also they seem quiet in touch with their spiritual side, not dividing religion and I am really in to that kind of stuff.

I looked at my collection, but I started making it throughout the year and I decided to make it based on the concept “Cleopatra goes to Taxes”

My big plans for 2018 is to continue doing what I am doing, so the main aim is to just strengthen my business and just be better at the social media, and all that kind of stuffs to really focus on that. An online shop I think is the future, Breaking Waters have tried that but it didn’t work maybe it was a wrong timing, my aim is to try make this fashion think to something that you can make a living out of it not just passion project .

People are realising or actualising themselves and I feel like maybe we can start by looking at what the rest of the world is doing, and just do what we want because we have so much to offer, so many colours, so much vibrant, so much skills, so much energy.

I just feel like anything is possible, its feels like magic so I think people are realising that they have something special, and they are putting it out there , looking the inspirations rather than just copy and do what everyone is doing from around the world but coming up with our own cool stuff.

For me it’s a spiritual thing because I believe that we are all connected and operate as one, its larger than it just me, you part of the continent, you part of huge group of people who love one another, filled with happiness so its vibrant, love, beauty, freshness, happiness and the simple thing that matters.


DATE: 24 MARCH 2018

TIME: 16H30