Salima – “It Always Feels Like A Dream”

Salima Abdel-Wahab says it always feels like a dream when she sees her creation come to life as the models walk down the ramp.

“This has been a long journey coming to Cape Town as I’m from North Africa but it is an opportunity I will not pass by,” Salima said.

She said in her range she tries to portray the beauty of Africa through the use of leather and recycled fabric in most of her creations.

“My inspiration is taken from the many cultures we have in Africa. We are also very spiritual people and you can see all that in my range,” she added.

Salima said her work has been received very well in South Africa and she is excited about that and will continue to create clothes that represent every individual in Africa not just her country of birth.

“Showing here always feels like a dream. But before I showcased I was very nervous but now I am happy that everything went well,” Salima said.