Simphiwe Dana Praises Imprint and Laduma

Award-winning musician Simphiwe Dana says she can proudly wear Imprint and Laduma’s clothing anywhere in the world as it is uniquely African.

The “Ndiredi” singer was among the guest at the Fashion Week and spoke highly of the African designers whose creations represent the ever evolving continent of Africa.

“I got a chance to see Imprint and Laduma’s range and I was so impressed. Their clothing are not typically African but also not European. They were able to create something relevant to nowadays but using African prints. I love it and I can wear it all over the world and I am sure people will stop me and ask where I got it from because it is that good. I am taken away by their futuristic,” Simphiwe said.

Simphiwe said her concern is that since the world is looking to Africa for inspiration, she worries that we as Africans will never be acknowledged for our creations.

“I don’t want us to be exploited by the world. As I keep hearing that any other day someone from America or Europe is in Africa for research. After researching us it becomes their own creation without acknowledging where it originate,” she said.