The GLAMOUR Teams Fashion Week Essentials

Cape Town Fashion Week is upon us, which means editors, influencers and designers are busy stocking up on life-saving beauty products and filling our totes with small — yet essential — items that will keep us energized, glowing, hydrated and sane. Because, even though the catwalks and celebrity-stacked front rows seem glamorous, at the end of the day most of us are there for work and if the right networking and show-stopping pictures are not taken, what was the point of even being there. Below are a few staples that the GLAMOUR team rely on when it comes to surviving a jam-packed weekend of shows, previews and parties. From vitamins to lip balm, this weekend calls for anything that will leave us looking presentable and feeling good in under 10 minutes. See our Fashion Week essentials here!

Power bank

Whether it’s runway shows or client meetings, a jam-packed schedule doesn’t allow for a dead phone. Avoid disaster with extra juice.

A notebook

Even the most tech-devoted people know there’s something appealing about scribbling notes on paper. Whether it’s for making contacts, jotting down the names of people you’ve photographed or noting the trends on the runway, an elegant notebook—with refillable pages—works season after season.

A bag

The perfect bag works for you. Notebook, invites, snacks, and more all fit into a cleverly designed crossbody (with straps that can be adjusted to be worn as a backpack).

Lip balm and lipstick

There’s nothing worse than dry lips when you’re out and about. Sitting in those air-conditioned rooms can cause your lips to dry out quicker than ever. Having chapped lips not only looks bad but can also make you feel bad. You have to be on your A-game at these events so don’t let your lips stunt your confidence.


If you’re rushing from a party to a show there’s nothing worse than doing so in heels. While they might look good, your feet will not forgive you when the night is over. Remember you have to last all weekend so do yourself a favour and ditch those stilettos for a cool pair of sneakers. And a bonus is they’re really in now so you won’t be shunned by the fashion crowd.


Fashion week is the perfect time to break out some of our favourite and flashiest shoes. That often translates to platforms, perspex, and unfortunately, lots of blisters. Invest in some plasters for those kinds of emergencies. Being in pain is not cute.

Snack bar

 If you’re hangry, all bets are off, even when you’re on the job. With so little time to grab a proper meal during the week, and those bite-sized canapés that hardly fill any part of you. Make sure to stock up in bulk on some snack bars so that you don’t crash.


Space backstage is cramped, to say the least, and you’re often shoulder to shoulder with other editors, hair and makeup artists, and models; the last thing you want to worry about is your breath. Also, everyone appreciates being offered gum, so at the very least it’s a great way to make a few friends.

Energy booster

This vitamin-infused drink is quick and easy to take on the go. Simply dissolve in some water and you’re sorted. This is perfect for an energy and immune booster. Over-indulged on the complimentary champers the night before? Feel the sniffles coming on? Double up on the dosage to keep you going.

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